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Looking for a new way to scratch that racing itch? APEX Lap Attack is the next biggest competitive time attack series in the South. We kick off our 2024 Season with an event at Motorsport Ranch and new tracks every event.

  • You do not need to be pre-licensed to register for APEX Lap Attack, you do need to be a solo-approved driver with us.

  • Drivers who already hold a TT or Comp License from SCCA or another sanctioning body will be automatically approved for entry.

  • Drivers new to Apex Lap Attack and Time Trials will need to go through an evaluation prior to their first event.


Our easy to read rules won't leave you scratching your head. Find your car class and start competing!

Points Standings and Results

Lap Attack Class Calculator

MSR 3.1


MSR 1.7


ECR 2.7




2024 Lap Attack Schedule

Come join us in 2024 where each event will be its own with prizes and trophies given out to our podium winners!

2022 MSR 3.1 Results

2022 ECR 2.7 Results

2022 MSR 1.7 Results 

2023 MSR 1.7 CW Results 

2023 MSR 1.7 CCW Results 


Lap Attack 5

5 Points Max

Lap Attack 4

6 - 8 Points

Lap Attack 3

9 - 11 Points

Lap Attack 2

12 - 14 Points

Lap Attack 1

15+ Points

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