Apex Driving Academy
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Mar 27th MSR 1.7 CCW

Feb 27th MSR 1.7 CW

Apr 24th MSR 3.1

Aug 21st ECR 2.7 CW

Sep 4th MSR 1.7 CCW


Sep 11th MSR 3.1

Sep 18th Hallett MRC 1.8

Oct 9th MSR 1.3 RoadX

Oct 23rd MSR 1.7 CCW

Nov 12th MSR 1.7 (canceled)

Dec 4th MSR 1.7 CW

Jun 26th MSR 1.7 CCW

Jul 10th ECR 2.7 CCW

Jan 9th MSR 1.7 CCW

May 23rd MSR 1.7 CCW

May 15th MSR 1.7 CCW


About Us

Apex Driving Academy teaches you to drive your car on a real race track. We teach high-performance driving skills in a safe and controlled environment and we provide sports car drivers with safe, affordable access to the premier motorsports facility in Texas. 

Apex Vintage Wheel


Safety is our top priority at Apex. We have a 100% safety record and have not had an accident in twenty years of operation.

Quality Instruction

At Apex Driving Academy we pride ourself on the quality of our curriculum and in-car instructor team. We aim to provide a superior level of instruction than a typical 'track event'.


Our Apex one-day events provide as much track time as most two day events. With less congested run groups, we don't tie up your whole weekend.

Why Us?

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Apex Driving Acadey Vintage Racer

If this is your first track experience click to check out our FAQ and read more on what to bring and how to make your soon-to-be new passion a great experience!

First Time?